Monday, August 9, 2010


Everyone always asks me about how much I spend on Groceries per week and if I shop at more than one store!

*I try to save at least 50% (meaning the total savings between store deals, coupons and any other savings)
This is including meat and produce)
*Our State does NOT double coupons so we very rarely get $100 worth  of groceries for $5
*I maximize store coupons with manufacturer coupons
*I order multiple inserts
*I print as many coupons as I can

To answer the question of do I shop at multiple Stores?
*That varies from week to week depending on the deals!  I always go to at least one store per week.  I have not been doing price comparisons at WalMart because it is too much work!
When People Say "I don't have time to coupon, (something my awesome Hubby used to say)"  I say how can you afford to NOT coupon!  I freak out when I am behind someone who spends $250.  I freak if mine is more than $100 with coupons!

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