Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Recently there was an article on Yahoo Finance Stating 8 reasons you should not coupon!  When I have talked to some people about couponing, they use the Standard "I don't have time" line so here is my response to AMY FONTINELLE AND HER ARTICLE  Her statement are in bold!

1)You have to buy a newspaper.

My response:  No, you do not have to purchase a Newspaper!  For Example, in Las Vegas with our Ads on Tuesday, we receive a FREE Redplum and Proctor and Gamble- no newspaper subscription!  Also you can order just the coupons from Coupons Clipping Sites such as Coupons and Things by Dede!
My approach to coupon orginization is such that I do not spend hours clipping coupons!  (that's just me).  Also, the idea that you have to use many coupons to make the paper worthwhile is false!  Just in Sunday's Smart Source was a $3 off Finsish Dishwasher Soap, considering I pay .75 for my Sunday Paper, I will make money!

2.  Clipping coupons takes time.

As I said, my approach does not take hours!  I spent about 1 hour a week getting my coupons gathered up for 4 stores!  That includes matching coupons with store sales and making a grocery list with a menu for the next week in mind!

3.  Getting a newspaper invites lots of additional advertising into your home.

My response to that is a Newspaper does not bring more advertising than the TV, Computer, Magazines or Peers at school!
I set a budget, and I stick to that budget!  I allocate extra money to try new products and for extra sales that come along!

4.  Many of the coupons will be for things you neither need nor want.

Yes, you may not be able to be Brand Label  loyal all of the time, but if you don't need those items, they can be donated!  Recently I donated some food to my church!  Because I buy my items at a low price I can choose to donate more.  Also if I have a stockpile that means I spend less in the future!  (Those such items proved to be useful when the economy tumbled)

5. Coupons can tempt you to spend your grocery dollars on things you shouldn't.

Ultimately YOU have the choice on what to purchase!  A coupon does NOT have to mean a huge shopping spree.  That being said, when you coupon you have money to purchase items that you might not have been able to afford prior to couponing!  Since I began couponing I no longer buy "cheap" cereal, because more often that not the Name Brand is cheaper with a sale and coupon paired together!

6.  The same coupons tend to be offered over and over again

Yes, coupons are often repeated every few months, but that is awesome for us die hard coupon clippers, because when the coupon comes around you are ready to stock back up!  Because I shop for more than one family, it is nice to have those coupons come back around!

7.  You might become a slave to coupons.

I am most certainly not a slave to anything and that includes coupons!  However, I am "addicted" to saving and if there is a 12 step program for that, then sign me up!  If saving is a bad thing then why did the ecomomy become such that you HAVE to coupon to make ends meet?!

8.Shopping takes longer.

With or Without Coupons, shopping takes as long as you want it take!  If you are organized, then shopping with coupons does not take longer!

The Bottom Line:
As with anything, there are upsides as well as downsides!  You have to decide what works for you!  When I began couponing, even my family was skeptical, but I have turned them into beleiver's!  Like I tell my kids, I coupon so that we can have nice things and eat good, healthy food!  Have I bought stuff  I did not personally need?  Yes, but I have used those items and they saved a lot of money in the long run.

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