Thursday, June 10, 2010


I had a very disheartening trip to Walmart.  I bought 5 items, 3 of which I had internet coupons.  The checker informed me that they were not taking internet coupons because of all the fraud.  I asked nicely to speak to a manager.  The manager informed me that they were getting $1000"s of fraudulent internet coupons.  I asked for an explanation of what he meant by fraud, (i.e. copies, free, fraudulently made coupons) he explained that copies and fraudulently changed coupons were the worst..

In an effort to avoid all of us from not being able to  use internet coupons, I hope that honesty will weigh out the desire to save more.  For me, I have access to more than 1 computer so I can print more coupons.  But, I will not copy.  I hope that we can spread the word of honesty first and then the savings will roll in!

I know Collin from Hip2Save  sent a letter to the CEO of Walmart, and I hope honesty wins out!

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