Thursday, July 1, 2010


Because I spent so much at Smith's during the coupon sale, I am not planning any big shops! I only have my two of my kids at home right now and they spend 50% of time with their mom (we are a blended family) so with it just being me and my awesome hubby, we don't need as much.  I went to Von's (my faithful readers should know the manager is well........let's just say he does not like my couponing!)  Luckily I got my favorite checker and all my coupons scanned with no problem.

I did pretty good, I got over $100 groceries for $42 and I got a $5 Catalina!

Here's what I bought
Pork Chops~ day old 50% off 3.21
Chicken Breast (flavored) 50% off 1.29
6 12 packs Diet Coke (I NEVER have too much diet coke!) on sale for $2 when you buy 6
4 boxes Special K Cereal (for my never ending diet) $1 off 2 coupons
2 boxes pop tarts  used $1/2 coupons!
5 Boxes of Glad Containers $3 each I had expiring coupons for $1 off
1 Bottle Ranch Dressing

I also got a catalina for free milk!
My savings were over 50% so I was happy about that.

I had expiring catalina's from Walgreen's but my store did not have any of the items I wanted, so I used them to fill my propane tank.  I have a hard time with my Walgreen's having any of the items I want, or need. SAD!

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