Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Von;s Quick Trip SAVINGS OF 67%

A very fast trip to Von's and I saved 67%
4 bags of Goldfiash .75 a bag after store coupon and MQ
4 bags Knorr Noodles .60 A bag after store coupon and MQ
Salmon 3.00 (was 7.00 but got it 50% off
2 Crab Classic FREE after store coupon and MQ
1 box of unncessary Cookies $2.99 (had to give the kids an after school snack as I did this on the way home from picking the boys at school :)!)

Total Spent 12.28
Total Savings with Von's Club Card and Coupons 24.39

I spent less than 2 minutes getting everything together.  My coupons were all internet coupons that had previously been printed and I clipped the store coupons from the ad.  My point is it does not take much to save a lot!!!

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