Monday, May 31, 2010


On Saturday before we went out of town, I wanted to get a quick trip to Albertson's in.  Well, let me just say that it was anything but quick.

I was getting stuff to receive the Kraft Promo $5 deal, as well as a few other deals.  I bought 4 Diet Coke (a must at my house!) and received the free Sausage.  I also got some TP because I had 1.50/1 coupon from the mail to stack with stores $4.99 coupon.

Because I had planned the shop, I had figured in my head about what it would cost.  At the end of a very long checkout my total was about $15 more than I planned on, plus I did not receive one of my Catalina's which brought my first trip to the Manager.  He quickly fixed the problem and with a Thank You, I was out the door.  We loaded the groceries and were headed for home.  As we were driving I was reviewing my receipt and I found that I had been charged for 7 Diet Coke's but I had only purchased 4!  My second trip to the manager in 5 minutes.  I apologized and he graciously refunded my money (My Manager is awesome about coupons)! I was back in the range I had planned :).   The moral of the Story:  ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RECEIPT!!!

I Got $138 of groceries for $36 after Catalina's!!  Yay!  And yes, it was well worth my 2 trips to the manager becasue those saved me $20!

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