Thursday, April 1, 2010


It is with reluctance that I post this, but I have checked, and double checked my facts, and I can safely report that ALL Las Vegas and Henderson stores as well as Elko store will be participating in the double coupon event from 4/4/10-4/10/2010.

*****Now the rules are tedious and the disclaimers are many, but I think it boils down to this:
You MUST get a shoppers card. 
You can only do 5 coupons per day. 
They will only double coupons up to 2.00. 
They will NOT give you overage, so if an item is 2.75 and you have 1.50 coupon then they will double it to 2.75 instead of 3.00.

As I have previously said, I am not a huge Kmart fan, and I am not sure if I am going to do this or not because I hate the store on Sunset and I hate to drive to the one on Eastern.....hmmm  I will have to decide if it is worth it or not....I will let you know in another post.  If you are from Elko, my sister goes, and she seems to not mind it too much....Good Luck and start clipping those high dollar coupons

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