Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Amazing Shopping Trip

Ok So Here is the picture of my amazing shopping trip and how it broke down:

15 powerade
10 healthy choice meals
(12) pack cottonelle toilepaper
(1) 32 load tide
4 -12oz dishsoap
(1) 3pack orbit gum
2 bags of chips
2 loaves of bread
3 jars of dial soap

over $100 worth of groceries with and I made money....Now granted I had to spend money to do it.  In previous shopping trips I had acquired a $10 C.h.i.l.l. deal from Albertson's and a $2.50 Catalina from another promotion.  I am also counting the $10 I got back from the C.h.i.l.l. deal for buying 10 advertised items (healthy choice) of which I had coupons and double coupons for.  Every item I purchased I had a coupon for. Clay found the chips and a coupon for them at Target when I was getting my .37 dial soap and .99 3pack orbit gum.

My CVS trip which included the Tide 3.67, dish soap .99, and bread I had coupons for, but I also used a gift card that I received from a transferred prescription (they put coupons in their ads for this frequently).

My cereal was less than .75 a box was from Albertson's and I used coupons which I was able to double with coupons that came in the Sunday paper.

I did not learn to do this overnight.  It has been a lot of trial and error.  I have had to do what works for me and my family.  So I hope I can help you do the same.

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