Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Becasue I am  leaving town, I am just going to post this very quickly. I would have done a picture but my phone is broke and I unloaded it at different times, Yesterday I took a quick, and yes I mean quick trip to a few stores.  I spent $63 and wow let me just give you a sample of what I got

5 large bags candy
2 tape dispensers
10 regualr size candy
2 bags of easter grass
2 6 lb bags of epson salt
1 loaf of french bread
1.5 lb of banana
1 lg box of cereal
3 2 liter bottles of diet coke
1 6 roll brwany paper towel
1 40 load tide laundty
1 box wheat thins
1 lint roller
1 lint roller refill
2 3 pack soap
2 bottles pantene
2 bottles Ken's dressing
2 boxes 12 ct pop tarts
10 Smart Ones meals
1 Connect four game
1 travel bop it game

I know I am missing a few things.  I have to be honest, I had coupons for everything except the epson salt, french bread, and easter grass.  My savings averaged out to 76% for all the stores and that does not incluede getting back a $10 catalina to use on a future purchase.  All I can say is for just a little bit, you can get a whole lot with coupons!!!

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